* NEW - As an Elemental Kiteboarding customer, you have the privilege to access our Online Pre-Lesson Program which is designed to facilitate your learning process, saving you a lot of time and money!

The progression into the surf is a natural and relatively easy one for those who have already been surfing for years before they picked up a kite. However, not every new kiteboarder is an experienced waterman.
For some riders, kiteboarding is their first ocean sport. The surf can be an intimidating place for those who do not have any experience there, but the fun that can be had is well worth the effort.
If you are thinking about heading to the surf for your first time, remember to start small and work your way up from there. It’s not a competition… yet. Once you have mastered some skills you can join us on a guided downwinder, where the real fun begins! The world and it’s waves are now your oyster?

Our location at Leighton beach is the perfect starting point for ocean riding, let us introduce you to your first small waves with an experienced instructor by your side giving you instant feedback for a fast progression, whether using your twin tip or stepping up to a surfboard for the first time going strapped or strapless, we will customise the lesson based on your needs and also cover ...

  • Kite re-launching in waves
  • Surf etiquette
  • Board sizes
  • Leashes
  • Strapped or strapless
  • Safety procedures
  • Ocean conditions

We believe anyone getting into wave riding should be comfortable at releasing the kite completely, swimming in and retrieving their kite.

When am I ready for the surf?

In general, if you cannot handle yourself in flat water, things are not going to go any better for you in the waves. You should be able to ride comfortably in both directions and be able to quickly change directions before you tackle the surf, and the ability to “keep your kite in the air even when crashing’’ or simply ‘’not crashing your kite very often even when you crash’’

2 HOURS $199 PP

PLEASE NOTE: If your prefered date and time is unavailable / booked out then please try a different time or location.

PLEASE NOTE: Any last minute bookings (Day before / Same Day) please text / call 0410 142 878 to ensure we are on location that day and can fit you in.

PLEASE NOTE: It is very difficult to coordinate 2 complete strangers for exact dates and times that suit both parties. It is recommended to go private unless you are coming as 2 friends as this course needs to be completed together.

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