*ALL participants MUST complete this Waiver form before undertaking any lesson/hire!
Participants under the age of 18yrs must have a guardian complete the form for them.

IMPORTANT: If you are the main organiser of a booking, please forward this guide with links below to all participants and to ensure the waiver has been completed by all.


We will be texting/SMS messaging you if there are any updates, so please keep your phone handy.  Please check if your provided mobile is correct and ensure you are early and not late by using Google map links provided with our locations map below.


The wonderful sport of kitesurfing is very dependent on wind conditions and requires at least 12 knots of wind to get going. Fortunately, Perth is renowned for its consistent afternoon sea breezes, making it one of the best places in the world to learn to kitesurf!

With this in mind, we usually start our lessons between 12noon to 6 pm, so please keep your afternoon flexible on the day of your lesson in case the forecast was wrong and your desired time is delayed.

On the day of your lesson, if there are any changes, like the wind, you will receive a text message with details in plenty of time.

IMPORTANT: Please arrive at least 15mins before your lesson/hire.
These are set times and there may be others waiting to start at the same time, so please be early!
If you arrive late to your private lesson we cannot extend your time, as there will be another lesson starting after your scheduled finish time.
IMPORTANT: If you are late to a group lesson that has already commenced you will forfeit your lesson.
Please use the Google map link provided with our location maps below to make sure you get to your lesson on time.


What do you need to know and bring with any lesson?

  • Sunglasses are a must during the land-based kite flying as you will be looking up towards the sun to control and position the kite. Once you’re in the water it’s not a good idea to have your shades/sunnies as more than a few have been lost to the sea.
  • A hat for sun protection. Again, you’re best leaving this in our secured trailer once you enter the water.
  • Something to rehydrate with as kitesurfing makes you thirsty!
  • Wind chill factor - Our summer Seabreeze comes from the south, it is a cold wind and will penetrate through you when you are wet. It is best to have your own full-length wetsuit, better to be warm than cold! We offer wetsuits if you don't have one at no extra cost.
  • A towel and dry clothes to wear after the lesson.
  • Equipment - We will use school equipment during the lessons for our insurance purposes. If you have your own equipment you can ask your instructor to check it for you on your third lesson so you can use it then and practice with it during your FREE ongoing supervision with us.
  • If you are redeeming a gift voucher you must bring the original with you. We do not accept voucher numbers at the beach. Unless yours was digital and redeemed when booking in.
  • Enthusiasm! The keener you are to learn, the faster we will get you STOKED!

Smile for the camera

If you are lucky enough to have your photo taken

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Thanks again for booking a lesson/hire to Kite with Elemental.
We look forward to meeting you and providing you with the best service and training!

Online Programme

As an Elemental Kiteboarding customer, you have the privilege to access our Online Pre-Lesson Program which is designed to facilitate your learning process, saving you a lot of time and money! 

By clicking and viewing this program, you agree not to share it with others! 



Your lesson/hire location is at Woodman Point. Please meet us at The Elemental Kite Trailer, which is the car park closest to our teaching location.  Please see map and directions below on to how to get to Woodman Point. Car parking on the weekend is scarce so plan ahead and check out the other car parks closer to the point and allow extra time to find a park.
All metro west coast beaches are known for the occasional break in with cars, so please do not tempt fate by leaving valuables visible in your car, only take what you need with you and please leave valuables at home. Phones & keys can be locked up in our trailer or taken to the beach with us.  It has been years since this has happened, however better to be safe than sorry.

CLICK HERE for directions to Woodman Point


Your lesson/hire location is Leighton Beach. Please meet us at The Orange Box, which is the next building North of the Fremantle Surf Lifesaving Club.  Please see map and directions below on to how to get to Leighton Beach. You can get there by the North Fremantle train station or there is a bus stop at the top of Freemans Loop. Car parking on the weekend is scarce so plan ahead and check out the overflow BUS parking a bit further north.

CLICK HERE for directions to Leighton Beach



If we are having Easterly winds we may need to reschedule your lesson / hire to our Point Walter location. These are early morning starts ( 6 - 7 am ) when the wind is strong in the early hours then drops off by late morning - this does not happen often.

You will find Point Walter located on the southern side of the Swan River in Bicton. Please meet us at The Elemental Trailer, which will be in the car park near the marker on google maps.  Please see map and directions below on to how to get to Point Walter. Car parking when it's really windy and on the weekends is scarce so plan ahead and allow extra time for finding a car park.

CLICK HERE for directions to Point Walter

Our mission is to encourage participation and to instil confidence in and out of the water while learning and developing new skills in a fun and safe environment