Two people: one-hour kitesurfing taster group lesson

Is kitesurfing for you?
By the end of this lesson you will definitely know

This all begins with using a small land based ‘foil’ or trainer kite. Initially you will be introduced to the concept of the ‘wind window’ or area above you that the kite is able to move around in. It is here that we can start to visualise how the kite will steer and handle in the wind, plus how placing the kite at different positions or angles within this ‘window’ affects the kite.

Trainer kites have no internal bladder and are designed to act as an airfoil that catch the wind, inflating the kite. Basically, this set up has less power and ensures virtually no upward lift which reduces the amount of risk involved and makes learning safe, fun, and exciting for anybody willing to give it a go!

Close to the end of the kitesurfing taster lesson you will be taken out into the water with an experienced instructor for an exhilarating body dragging experience you will never forget.

What is body dragging? being pulled through the water without standing on a board.

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