The Kima Kite features state-of-the-art, user-friendly technology.  Whether you want to truly rip the surf like a surfer or you’re totally fresh to the sport, the Kimaᴵᴵᴵ makes kiting effortless!

The AXIS Liberty board gives you the freedom to pursue your dreams, if your dream is to get up and ride! The Liberty is designed for beginners to intermediate riders. The Liberty’s soft, forgiving nature makes this the perfect board for entry-level kiters and people who require all-round performance. The construction is fibreglass and a Paulownia wood core, providing a great board at a competitive price.

Using the Flight Control as a base the Kite Combo Harness provides extra support in the seat area. This aids in keeping the harness locked into position when flying the kite high. Using this combination we can maintain the support and structure through the back of the harness but also promote better edging relying on the seat area.

We have chosen this combo for its ease of use for beginners at entry level into the sport, It's also a great set up if you are wanting to head into the waves.

If Its Freestyle and Freeriding you are want to get into then for a small amount you can upgrade to the Aquila kite package
Top quality equipment you can rely on that's going to last!

FREE Lesson - Start your journey here with us with a Free 1hr private - one on one lesson, or if you have already completed your lessons, you can take another lesson with your new gear set up and keep your progression going strong!
You could also save this lesson for when you feel you are ready for the next step of an Advanced lesson or maybe a Refresher lesson to get yourself back into it again.

Whatever you choose, one of our professional Instructors will be happy to help you along your journey as part of our after-sales service down at the beach!

FREE Progression DVD - To give you the confidence and motivation to improve quickly and safely. A complete, video-based learning resource that supports and builds on everything you may have already, or are about to, learn in your lessons.

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