Lesson 3 (2 hours) - Woodman Point

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You've conquered the kite! it's time to master the board start! In your 3rd kiteboarding lesson we will be practicing and learning all there is to know about board starts, our focus will be getting you on the board and letting you make your first few rides while turning you into an independent kitesurfer.

There will still be a lot for you to learn after you've finished these 3 lessons but by the end you will be well equipped to handle most situations and be at a beginner independent level to continue your practice down at the beach. While gaining experience during your own practice after your lessons, our instructors on the beach will be happy to provide you with some tricks and tips to improve your riding. During your third lesson we work on:

In lesson 3 we focus on:

  • Water start theory - what to expect. First attempts - you may have already had these in Lesson 2 - if so, you will be improving on what you already know and hopefully improving on distance.
  • Theory on how to control your power once you are up and control your board speed - then some practice dealing with excess power/speed.
  • Theory on riding up wind - your first goal after you have completed your lessons.
  • Theory on changing direction and slowing down.
  • Right of way - road rules for the water! You're on the water now baby... respect is respect!

Everybody is different and we all learn in different ways and at different speeds, so don’t be hard on yourself if you are taking a little bit longer than others. Needing a little more time on one skill probably means you’ll need less time on the next skill! No one expects you to be a master right away so if at any time you don’t feel completely comfortable with part of the lesson, just speak up. We do this because we love it and we want you to love it too.


1 student: $199 

2 students: $250

IMPORTANT for Group lessons: make sure the bodyweight difference between both students is not more than 10 kilos to be able to share the lesson !

PLEASE NOTE: If your prefered date and time is unavailable / booked out then please try a different time or location.

PLEASE NOTE: Any last minute bookings (Day before / Same Day) please text / call 0410 142 878 to ensure we are on location that day and can fit you in.

PLEASE NOTE: It is very difficult to coordinate 2 complete strangers for exact dates and times that suit both parties. It is recommended to go private unless you are coming as 2 friends as this course needs to be completed together.

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