Power kiting is no risk and involves flying a 2 line stunt kite down at Leighton beach with experienced Power Kite instructors. This activity is completely land based so you can stay nice and dry.

Handling a kite or power kite requires a bit more effort and coordination than the traditional kites of old.

Our instructors will guide you through all the aspects involved with this new and exciting form of kiting.

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Contact us for events or bigger group bookings.

Unlike the traditional single line kites, the power kites have a minimum of 2 lines and are of the newest designs made of lightweight materials, aerodynamic and very agile. 

A power kiting lesson costs from as little as $38 for 1hour of power kite Instruction and can provide everything required to set you on your way into the world of power kiting.
We have special prices for groups and companies, please see below or contact us for more information.

Come power kiting with your colleagues or friends and experience the power of the wind! Fly safe and quiet for the first time with a controllable foil kite, Skiing on sand by a large power kite if you dare, you may well make the first jump! Power kiting is for young and old, as we have power kites in all sizes, you can make it as crazy as yourself, fun guaranteed!
This is an ideal event for company outings or stag, hen and birthday parties or family fun, and is completely land based so you can stay dry.

Leighton beach is the only beach in Australia with a train station, so grab a train from the city, meet us at ‘The Orange Box’ for lunch, then enjoy the seabreeze in the afternoon whilst learning new skills with your group.
** This clinic is available starting from 1 person up to 40 people.
Duration 1hr

PLEASE NOTE: If your prefered date and time is unavailable / booked out then please try a different time or location.

PLEASE NOTE: Any last minute bookings (Day before / Same Day) please text / call 0410 142 878 to ensure we are on location that day and can fit you in.

PLEASE NOTE: It is very difficult to coordinate 2 complete strangers for exact dates and times that suit both parties. It is recommended to go private unless you are coming as 2 friends as this course needs to be completed together.

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