* NEW - As an Elemental Kiteboarding customer, you have the privilege to access our Online Pre-Lesson Program which is designed to facilitate your learning process, saving you a lot of time and money!

If it’s been a few months or even a couple of years a refresher lesson is just the trick to get your confidence back. Or maybe you've never hit this coast before, Either way our refresher lesson will get you back on the water with our staff in a no pressure environment.

All safety and self rescue techniques will be revised, and water relaunching or any other kite flying skills you need help with can be reviewed. You may surprise yourself just how quickly it comes back to you once you’re out there doing it again.

These lessons are customised to suit your level and get you back to where you once were and hopefully further along.


1 student: $199 

2 students: $250

IMPORTANT for Group lessons: make sure the bodyweight difference between both students is not more than 10 kilos to be able to share the lesson !

PLEASE NOTE: If your prefered date and time is unavailable / booked out then please try a different time or location.

PLEASE NOTE: Any last minute bookings (Day before / Same Day) please text / call 0410 142 878 to ensure we are on location that day and can fit you in.

PLEASE NOTE: It is very difficult to coordinate 2 complete strangers for exact dates and times that suit both parties. It is recommended to go private unless you are coming as 2 friends as this course needs to be completed together.

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